2015 Volkswagen XL

German giant Volkswagen used the Paris Motor Show to unveil its new car model VW XL1 with Ducati drive. Under the hood is a Ducati V-twin engine from “1199 Superlegerra” motorcycle with 197KS. The power light concept allows a top speed of 270km / h and acceleration from zero to hundred in 5.7 seconds. Futuristic lines are not just for aesthetics but allow drag coefficient of only 0.258 making “XL dispute the concept of” one of the most aerodynamic of Volkswagen ever.

2015 Volkswagen XL Review

Powering the XL1 is a compact 800 cc TDI two-cylinder usual rail diesel motor developing 48 PS. It’s connecteded to an electric motor generating 27 PS, leading to a total amount of 75 PS– a modest output yet more than enough when the reduced curb weight of the car is taken into account.

2015 Volkswagen XL

German giant Volkswagen used the Paris Motor Show to unveil its new car model VW XL1


The TDI engine is connecteded to an electric motor and a seven-speed DSG gearbox with an automated clutch mounted in between each unit. The electric motor can either function individually of the TDI engine or in tandem when increasing. Increasing from rest to 62 miles per hour can be accomplished in 11.9 secs; the online limited full throttle is 99 miles per hour. Thanks to its plug-in hybrid device, the two-seater can cover a range of approximately 50 km in all-electric method and also consequently with no regional exhausts.

In both its styling and also packaging the XL1 draws on lessons gained from the 1-Litre auto (2002) and the L1 concept (2009). The XL1 has actually developed to feature staggered seating with the motorist and also passenger positioned next to each other in a body framework made from advanced brand-new products providing immense strength yet considering merely 230 kilograms.

2015 Volkswagen XL2

To make such weight financial savings possible, and yet feasible for series manufacturing, Volkswagen produced and also patented a brand-new system for the manufacture of the Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) parts on the car called the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process.

In complete the XL1 weighs 795 kg. In addition to the physical body structure, the weight is made up by the drivetrain (227 kilograms), the running gear (153 kilograms), the interior consisting of a pair of bucket seats (80 kilograms) and also the electric system (105 kg). In overall simply 23.2 per cent of the car (184 kilograms) is made out of either steel or iron.

2015 Volkswagen XL3

Further savings are made by way of the comprehensive use of light in weight materials including magnesium (tires), ceramics (brake discs) and also aluminium (dampers, steering system, brake calipers).

The styling of the XL1 is borne out of useful demands– easy access to the interior is granted using a set of stylish scissor doors that depend upon the A-pillar while the profile of the car has actually been honed in the wind tunnel, the outcome being an exceptional coefficient of nuisance figure of 0.186. The XL1’s general size (3,970 mm) and also width (1,682 mm) are similar to those of a Volkswagen Polo yet its elevation (1,184 mm) is much more akin to that of a sports car.


2015 Volkswagen XL1

Manufacturing of the XL1 will be limited to just 250 units

The XL1 will be produced at Volkswagen’s Osnabrück factory in Germany. Manufacturing of the XL1 will be limited to just 250 units.

More info: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/volkswagen/2015-volkswagen-xl-sport-ar160521.html

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