2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Release date and Price

The 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari is expected to enter the automotive market by late June 2015 after making its initial debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. The futuristic, high end vehicle will be a limited edition with only 50 units (although some reports indicate that the luxury automaker will release 499 units) to be made available for sale.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Release date and Price3

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Review

This next generation Ferrari is said to be able to deliver the most remarkable of speeds for the future as well as being well equipped with an abundance of good technology. According to industry insiders, the vehicle will offer consumers and incredibly comfortable driving and riding experience. The interior and exterior of the vehicle will host designing that is quite exotic.

The 2016 model year version will receive its power from a V-12 6.3 liter hybrid system (which is the same as the coupe version) and an electric motor. This will be greatly enhanced due to the incorporation of technology that is, generally, applied to Formula 1 cars that are known as KERS.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Release date and Price

The combination will be capable of a maximum output capability of 963 horsepower and 663 pound per feet of torque. The power train is intelligently mated with a seven speed transmission and a torque strength of approximately 660 pound per torque. This vehicle is proclaimed to reach top speeds upwards of 217mph while achieving 62mph within 3 seconds.

For the construction of the vehicle, Carbon materials are being employed making it much lighter than its predecessors. Due to the gas cylinder engine and its horsepower capabilities, the vehicle is able to achieve 15mpg. The LaFerrari is equipped with an all new lithium battery that is predicted to outlast others currently on the market.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Release date and Price4

The mid-cycle alterations to the vehicle is said to include changes to the overall styling. Most of the styling specifications have been kept very well guarded by the automaker.

Ferrari is not hiding the information regarding the vehicles powertrain, etc. but as far as the amenities of the interior; that has been left to the conjecture of industry insiders, experts and critics. As the release date moves closer, deep pocketed fans and enthusiasts are becoming increasing anxious to get a peek within the ultra-luxurious speed capsule.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Release date and Price

Ferrari LaFerrari 2016 Release date and Price

The  Ferrari LaFerrari 2016 is said to be priced within the beginning neighborhood of $1.7 million. The pricing of the vehicle will make it one the year’s most expensive vehicles within the market. The price will increase in accordance to the optional features that consumers attach to the vehicle after its official launch.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Release date and Price5

There are varied reports stating that the vast majority of the units to be manufactured have already been pre-ordered and their new owners are simply awaiting delivery. Transversely, there is chatter proclaiming that no pre-orders have been allowed and one the 2016 model year version arrives in dealership showrooms it will be a race to the finish to get your hands on one.

It is best to contact your trusted dealer to get firm confirmation if you among the elite few that are able to add this high performance vehicle to your garage.

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