2016 Honda FCV Concept

Honda is a sector leader in the advancement of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. A modified variation of Honda’s hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle debuted in Japan. The vehicle stands for an evolution of the FCEV concept revealed finally year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and also according to Honda it acts as a successor of the FCX Clarity however with a 33 percent smaller fuel-cell stack as well as a result of greater than 100 kW.

2016 Honda FCV Concept

It has an output quality of 3.1 kW/ L as well as according to Honda the general performance has actually enhanced by around 60 percent.

2016 Honda FCV Concept

Gas cell cars are basically electric automobiles that utilize a hydrogen fuel cell stack to produce the electrical energy to power their electric motors. The gas cell stack in the brand-new FCV concept is 33 percent smaller compared to the one made use of in the FCX Clarity yet realized result is greater than 100 kilowatts (134 horsepower) as well as result quality is as high as 3.1 kilowatts each litre, enhancing the total performance by roughly 60 percent. A full tank of hydrogen must provide a driving variety of greater than 435 miles, claims Honda.

2016 Honda FCV Concept4

Filling the container will certainly take around 3 minutes, assuming you could locate a station that offers hydrogen. And also therein lies the most significant barrier to the adoption of fuel cell automobiles: a lack of the necessary refueling infrastructure, though this does not appear to be preventing the likes of Honda and also Toyota.

In addition to revealing the FCV concept, Honda additionally provided a concept outside power eating gadget that makes it possible for Air Conditioning power output from the FCV with maximum outcome of 9 kW (12 hp). This permits the FCV to operate as a small-sized mobile nuclear power plant that produces electrical power for numerous usages.

2016 Honda FCV Concept5

The 2009 Honda FCX Clarity delivered about 240 miles of array, and also was the world’s initial hydrogen fuel-cell auto built on a specialized platform. More than 100 were built and leased during the program’s six-year life.

2016 Honda FCV Release date

Honda has introduced the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) concept at home in Japan, prior to the arrival of a production version set for late March 2016. It will go on sale in Japan in March of that year and should reach the U.S. and Europe shortly after.

2016 Honda FCV Concept1

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