2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV Review

Hyundai a well knowned car company has always been succesfull in delevering a world class luxury cars to its customers world wide and again it is coming up with its new luxury model that is 2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV which is going to surely beat the others luxury cars in the market in its personal competetion.

2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV Review

Hyundai all new Sonata PHEV has beem unveiled in its own birth market that is where the Hyndai brand is been found in South Corea with updated styling,new features,improved economy and much things will come with time in thisrange.

2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV Review

As revealed by the maker of the car models that the carbis definately better that its predecessor model in the terms of styles and luxury.

2016 Hyundai Sonata PHEV developed in the terms of eficiency as well which is going to be a attracting feature as well. Combined fuel usuage is improved by 0.5l/100km to a point pf 5.5l/100km completely as per the modeland the wheel size,with the power coming from 2.0 four rounder engine along with electric motor.

2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV Review2

Outputs of power plants has been increased slightly to make a better drive for the customer increasing the power efficiency of car. Speed of this luxurious car still depends on the 6 transimission gears which gives a extremely fast as well as luxurious ride to the people sitting inside the car.

Hyundai Sonata PHEV make its new debut next month along with the previous model of the car at the Detroit auto show. The all new Sonata PHEW is better with the old outgoing model.

2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV Review7

The company had made a plan to start the selling of new Sonata Phev outside the Korea in the early 2015 that means that car would be usually available outside the world which is actually a good news for the people who are impressed by this car and are usually fans of the luxury cars or Hyundai cars.

The makers of the Sonata PHEV said that the car is desingned as per the current eco- friendly enviornment keeping in mind the economy efficiency of the car as well as making it a style statement for the customers.

2016 Hyndai Sonata PHEV Review4

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